Who we are?

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation S.A.S, born in Barranquilla as a new proposal of physical and sports rehabilitation basing their actions on the interpretation of body biomechanics, fundamentals of exercise prescription and active rehabilitation techniques.

Since 1997 he has forged its own growth adapting to the changes and demands of the generals system of social security in Health and their patients, developing a solid and reliable infrastructure and an appropriate human resources that strives to provide the community with quality service Physiotherapy area.

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We are a servicing institution of physiotherapy, which bases its interventions in the interpretation of the analysis of body movement and programs desing in physical rehabilitation and funtional conditioning. We have certification of the quality of our services, with secure processes and infrastructure, and a human resource qualified and humanized, committed to meet the needs of patients and obtain their prompt recovery and integration to the medium in wich they develop.

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We will be in 2023 an institution of innovative physiotherapy, which manages quality, research, growth and profesional projection.



Los servicios de Fisioterapia ofertados por CEMEDER cuentan con “Certificación de la calidad” bajo la norma ISO 9001 de 2015 otorgada por Bureau Veritas. Este sello de la calidad nos distingue como la primera IPS de Fisioterapia en la costa Colombiana certificada por esta entidad, que cumple estándares reconocidos internacionalmente y presta un servicio con calidad por encima de lo normal.


El Grupo Empresarial Cooperativo Coomeva otorga el GALARDON COOMEVA a MEDICINA DEPORTIVA Y REHABILITACION SAS “CEMEDER SAS” en la categoría de pequeña empresa, resaltando a la organización como un ejemplo a nivel nacional por contar con acciones estratégicas y de gestión que se focalizan en garantizar su sostenibilidad y crecimiento, además de su participación activa como asociado y parte de la familia Coomeva. Santiago de Cali, Marzo 3 de 2020.


MinTIC y Colciencias otorgan premio a la alianza Grupo Virtual Diseño – CEMEDER- Internación Domiciliaria Barraza, CECAMILO- GI Ingebiocaribe (Unisimon), por implementación proyecto de TIC y Salud “HIGEA REHAPP”. Premios tecnología de la información para la salud. Barranquilla, 26 de Julio de 2017


La Universidad Simón Bolívar, la Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, otorga reconocimiento a EQUIPO DE FISIOTERAPEUTAS DE CEMEDER, por su desempeño profesional, don de servicio y su actualización permanente. Barranquilla, Septiembre 30 de 2016

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Monday to Friday

AM: 6:00 to 12:00

PM: 1:00 to 8:00


AM: 7:00 to 12:00

Valuation of Entrance: appointment



Evaluation of user input allowing through manual testing, test and observation of the patient to identify physical, functional skeletal muscle and present, interpret body biomechanics and choose the best option for recovery physiotherapy.

We have a specific area with individual booths, where we apply techniques of electrotherapy, massage and lymphatic drainage.

Physical rehabilitation program for people with functional deficit, musculoskeletal and joint pathology, led by certified Functional Physical rehabilitation and sports with extensive experience in exercise prescription and therapeutic techniques Physiotherapists, allowing the patient to get a speedy recovery and integration into the environment in which it operates.

CEMEDER has established itself as a private reference center with its physical rehabilitation programs for recreational athletes, amateur and elite presenting musculoskeletal injury or consequences of it. We have qualified staff and infrastructure and suitable provision for their timely patient return sports.

Physical rehabilitation program directed in water leveraging the benefits it offers as loss of body weight, flotation, increased circulation, increased oxygenation, muscle relaxation, greater resistance than air, allowing the patient to support restriction , obesity, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back problems, physical deconditioning, recent traumatic injuries, among others, rapid and optimal recovery.

Individualized exercise programs for children from 6 years and adults, according to their physical needs, designed and supervised by certified Functional Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Physiotherapists, in order to reduce the risk musculoskeletal and joint preparation for the good performance of household activities, labor and sports.

Independent Doctor

Orthopedist / Sub- speciality knee

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